Tucked away in the corner of the eastern wing of the castle downstairs the Climbing Rose is an easily accessed private and secluded room.  The room is bright and spacious and enjoys the shade of the eucalyptus and fig trees outside.  Like the nearby Purple Jacaranda Room the Climbing Rose also has its own private access to the terra cotta patio outside and offers a nice option for guests who would like to take their dinner or breakfast outside their room.  The views are extravagant and roll down the hillsides and across Ngorongoro and as far as Kilimanjaro to the east.  The bathroom is tiled in sandstone and includes twin ceramic sinks and a bathtub to relax in after a long day on safari.  The room also includes one of the four castle towers which serves as a large wardrobe and luggage space.  The room is equipped with generous twin beds and an additional third bed for children sharing or extra guests.  You will often hear the night cries of the wandering hyenas in the Climbing Rose as they go about their nocturnal foraging and sometimes you may hear the roar of a hunting lion as they stalk the herds of grazing buffaloes in the forest.  Yet inside the castle walls you may sleep soundly as you will still be perfectly safe!

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