Welcome, or ‘Karibu’ as we say in Swahili, to The Castle at Ngorongoro.

Situated on the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater Forest, The Castle is Tanzania’s newest and most exclusive safari lodge.  An environmentally aware and eco friendly accommodation this luxurious solar powered lodge offers the discerning visitor the perfect combination of privacy, luxury and traditional hospitality.  With only six king sized rooms tranquility is guaranteed. Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Wake up to the song of birds announcing a new dawn amidst the cool highland air. Look over a carpet of green reaching out to dense forest below, stretching as far as the eye can see. Here elephants have followed migratory paths for hundreds and thousands of years. See if you can spot them from your bedroom window.

Above our castle soar crested eagles, their cries echoing across the open valley that hedges the thick forest,and naughty bush pig trot across our lawn.

Each animal has a song that resonates Ngorongoro.

Enjoy the freedom of nature walks through a rainforest paradise, and hills carpeted with coffee plantations that surround us. Leave the hustle bustle of city life behind and relax and experience our friendly, farming community amidts the foothills of Ngorongoro. Activities include hiking, game safaris, coffee tours, bird watching, culture tours and so much more.

At dusk, the red and orange sun bows behind the African horizon to the crescendo of crickets.

Night sounds continue to reveal nature’s story. Hyena laugh, whilst a male lion calls out to the pride to commence hunting.

Our vegetable garden supplies fresh greens, herbs and different fruits and is supplemented by local fresh produce from the neighboring farming community.